Friday, September 29, 2006

Client 6 Assignment

© 2006 Monica Farrington

Camera: Canon 10D
Lighting: Soft box in studio
ISO:200 1/60 @ f/9.5

This picture was for a client assignment. We had to take a photo that expresses us and who we are or what we are interested in. I wanted to take a photo of a old camera that I have. One reason is because I love taking pictures and a photographer is what I want to pursue as my career. I just feel like this expresses me in a way that I would like for it to but there is more to me then just photography. This is just one side of me.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Painting with Light Assignment

Camera: Canon 10D
Light: Flash light
ISO: 100 f/5.6 @ 6 sec

For this assignment I had to paint with light. I decided to shoot a bottle of perfume. I first used a hot light with a cookie and a magenta gel on the background. Now for the bottle I used a flash light to light up the bottle and separate it from the background. I set the camera for a 6 second exposure while I moved the flash light around on different sections of the bottle. To my surprise I wasn't sure what the outcome would be but I believe it turned out well.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Us and Them

©2006 Monica Farrington

Camera: Canon 10D
Lighting: flash, outside
Model: Wil Proctor

For this picture I took two separate pictures and put them together. I made one of them black and white so there would be a contrast separation between the person and the flag. This assignment was to create a picture for a front cover of the magazine Us and Them. I had to do a lot of work to this picture to get it the way I wanted it to look. The flag picture is the original picture and the man is a complete different picture. I made him black and white and then left the sign in color. After changing the color of the picture I added a certain texture to the picture so it would give it a different touch.

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